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Good grief, haggling out car loan details is rough. They take forever. You can spend hours at a dealership going over pricing. And for what? A tiny cup of mediocre coffee and a deal that only rips you off by a few thousand dollars?  No way. 

Imagine This

Imagine you go into a dealership and you see your dream car. Well, it’s no Ferrari, but it’s still your “I have a budget and a kid I need to take to soccer practice” dream car. 

You check out the price and you head to the financial manager’s office. They throw down a loan offer on the table. BAM. It’s awful. You excuse yourself to the bathroom but you don’t go to the bathroom. Well you can, but that’s not the point. 

You find a spot anywhere and pull out your phone. You open up your credit union’s mobile app. There you open up a loan request and enter in the details of the loan you want. After a minute, a message pops up telling you you’re credit union approved you for a loan at a great rate. 

You walk back into the office with the confidence of a lion. You show the manager your phone containing the loan docs right over the papers detailing their awful deal. It’s a little passive aggressive but it gets the job done. You now get to drive away from the dealership knowing that for once you got the best offer. It’s a good feeling.

Mobile Integration is Here

That’s what’s great about Sync1 Systems’ mobile lending integration–that scenario is possible. You can get a direct loan from your phone no matter where you are. 

No more haggling and fighting with salesmen, no more wasting time in a dealership, no more worrying about whether you got the best rate or not. 

You don’t even have to go into your credit union’s branch anymore. You should still say hi every now and then, they’re nice people, but everything you need is accessible through your phone. It’s point, tap, loan. 

Remember, credit unions always have the best rates, Sync1 is now giving you access to them from anywhere.